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Zpiral SIEM tool provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to organisations

What is SIEM?

Security information and event management (SIEM) software collects log and event data generated by applications, security devices and host systems and combines them into a centralised platform. This software collects data from antivirus events, firewall logs, and other sources and categories it, for example: malware activity or failed and successful logins. In addition to generating an alert when SIEM identifies a threat, it defines a threat level in conjunction with predefined rules.

Unlike antivirus software,

which focuses mainly on the operation system’s security, SIEM monitors security of the organization’s entire IT infrastructure, and even cloud systems. By bringing everything together on one screen, it will also be easier and more efficient. SIEM offers enterprise cybersecurity by allowing you to see all of the devices and applications across your network.

All-in-one Zpiral SIEM with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to all

What Zpiral SIEM brings you?

Faster detection of threats

Stopping threats within seconds makes all the difference. Our platform, Zpiral, is built to be as fast as possible. By automating and collaborating on investigations, you can quickly identify threats and remediate them with agility.

A bigger picture

From your endpoints to your network to the cloud, Zpiral eliminates blind spots across your entire organisation. You can effortlessly search log files and other machine data to find the answers you need and know what's going on in your environment.

Work smarter, not harder

Instead of caring for, feeding, and maintaining your SIEM, you can spend your time tackling more impactful work. Through automation of Zpiral, you can streamline labor-intensive and repetitive tasks so your team can concentrate on the areas where their expertise can make a difference.

Today's idea, tomorrow's scale

Your environment is becoming increasingly complex and scaled. It is important not to settle for an entry-level solution that you will soon outgrow. With Zpiral, you can improve performance today and reduce operating costs in the future.

The professional Zpiral team has everything ready to provide your business with outstanding cybersecurity!