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How to Win the Most Customer Conversion?

The lead-to-customer conversion is vital when it comes to generating actual sales that can boost your businesses’ growth. Every business wants to achieve a higher lead-to-customer conversion with minimum effort. How can we actually make it? Here is what you want to know!

In recent years, bots have become an important part of almost every business – whether we are talking about offering 24/7 support, or boosting productivity, chatbots have made their mark on the customer service industry to be added as a viable solution. Additionally, it reduces customer effort while improving branding. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the world is showing a 92% usage increase of chatbots as a communication channel and 87.58% of satisfaction rate of bot-only chats. Furthermore, it is predicted that 90% of queries of healthcare & banking industries are projected to be handled by chatbot. The above fascinating trends and statistics illustrate the significance of chatbots provide to your business. Without a chatbot, your business potentially lose 24% of customer conversion. 

You may wonder what exactly chatbots can provide you with. Here are three major reasons why you should have a chatbot to assist your business.

1) Convenience
With chatbots, companies can increase efficiency and reduce costs while offering employees and customers convenience and added services. Using chatbots, businesses can easily resolve many types of customer queries and issues without having to interact with customers directly.

2) Scalability
Chatbots provide businesses with the ability to scale, personalise, and be proactive at the same time, which serve as an important differentiator. As an example, a business that relies only on human power can only serve a small number of customers at one time. Human-powered businesses are often limited in their ability to develop proactive and personalised outreach because they must rely on standardised models in order to be efficient. Chatbots, on the other hand, enable businesses to interact with a large number of customers in a personal way, allowing them to scale up or down based on business volume. Businesses can use chatbots to provide people with human-like service, personalisation, and proactive service at the same time.

3) Interaction
A consumer study has found that messaging apps are increasingly becoming the preferred method of communication with businesses. In many cases, chatbots provide a level of convenience and service that humans cannot. As an example, traditional call centres take three to four more minutes to answer a banking question as compared to chatbots. Improved customer experiences are also derived from the same capabilities that help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency. The deal is a win-win for both parties

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