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How to Protect Your Network With Ease?

Ever wondered how to protect everything in your network? Tired of managing the complexity of cybersecurity platforms? Here is the tailor-made solution!

Security information and event management (SIEM) refers to software that collects log and event data generated by applications, security devices and host systems and combines them into a centralised platform.

SIEM software has a range of capabilities that together provide comprehensive security to organisations. Unlike anti-virus software, which focuses mainly on the operation system’s security, SIEM monitors security of the organization’s entire IT infrastructure, and even cloud systems. By bringing everything together on one screen, it will also be easier and more efficient. SIEM offers enterprise security by allowing you to see all of the devices and applications across your network.

SIEM is important because it facilitates enterprise security management by filtering an enormous amount of security data and prioritising the security alerts that the software produces. By using SIEM software, organisations can detect incidents that may be missed without it. Log entries are analysed by the software to identify signs of malicious activity. The system can also reconstruct an attack timeline since it gathers events from different sources across a network, so a company can determine the nature and impact of an attack. By creating automatic reports along with the logged security events among these sources, a SIEM system can also help an organisation comply with compliance requirements. In the absence of SIEM software, the company would have to manually gather log data and compile reports.

In addition to enhancing incident management, SIEM solutions provide tools for identifying the route an attack takes across the network, identifying the compromised sources, as well as preventing those activities as they occur.

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