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How to Turn a Lead into a Prospect?

What is the best way to maximise each and every interaction with consumers? By leveraging CRM systems, companies can take advantage of every opportunity to interact with their customers. For example, by distinguishing customer categories in detail with CRM, business models can be optimised to retain customers and maximise profits. Just a one-minute read below about what CRM can do for your business.

1) Improve customer experience: On-site service technicians and customer service specialists should be able to fully comprehend customers’ needs, then provide individualised customer service and efficiently resolve issues.

2) Increase customer retention rate: Provide personalised services that will earn customers’ loyalty. Analyze real-time data to find the right balance of the right time, the best channel, and the best plan.

3) Increase sales revenue: Implement tools that integrate sales force automation (SFA), potential business opportunity management, forecasting, cross-selling, and e-commerce to enhance visibility for sales opportunities at every stage.

4) Enhance efficiency: Make work easier for the sales, marketing and customer service teams through automation and visits tracking.

5) Improve collaboration: Use collaborative CRM tools to share information among teams, departments, internal and external stakeholders to provide better customer service at each touchpoint.

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